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Semiconductor Equipment

We stock a wide array of parts, including a large assortment for GCA steppers and SSI wafertracks. Many of our parts are configured, tested, and warrantied to ensure your needs are met.

GCA Steppers

Contact us for help in identifying your parts needs. GCA stepper models supported include: 4800, 6300, 8000, 8500, ALS, AutoStep & XLS.

SSI Wafertracks

Contact us for help in identifying your parts needs. All SSI wafertrack models are supported including: System 1A, System 150/500, Scorpio, and OrbiTrak wafer coat and develop systems.


Please have a look thru our listing of GCA Steppers and Components.  All units are available for immediate delivery and setup. There is a link provided to access a printable Data Sheet at the bottom of each item description. If you have further questions, please call us at (512)971-1531 for prompt service.

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GCA Auto Step – Model 1838

This GCA Stepper was manufactured in 1991. The AutoStep was the latest model of a series of GCA steppers that focused on the wafer plane by moving the lens in the Z-axis. Unique Features of this GCA stepper –

GCA Model 8500 – 1750

This stepper is a G-line model with a Tropel 2142G reduction lens.  The resolution is spec is .8µm. The field size is 21mm-

GCA Model 1796


This GCA Stepper was manufactured in 1991.  Unique Features of this GCA stepper includes a Grumman type cabling system, a user friendly workstation, advanced metrology system for improved alignment and focusing. This GCA stepper is an I-line system with Tropel 2145I high-precision optical reduction lens.

About Stepper Care Services

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We provide parts and service for GCA steppers, and have been committed to a superior level of customer satisfaction since 2002. With over 27 years of experience, our service team provides expedient solutions to current GCA stepper owners. Our extensive knowledge of all models of GCA steppers enables us to provide support and refurbishing to a wide variety of valued customers throughout the world.

SCS is an active part of the technical community of greater Austin, Texas. Our corporate facility houses a lithography cleanroom featuring a variety of functional GCA steppers. We currently offer a number of options, including models 8500, ALS, AutoStep200 and XLS steppers.

In October 2004, Stepper Care Services, Inc. completed the acquisition of Semiconductor Systems, Inc. (SSI) from FSI International. The SSI wafertrack product line includes: System 1A, System 150/500, SCORPIO, and OrbiTrak wafer coat and develop systems. SCS stands committed to provide quality parts, refurbishing, and technical support for current owners of these SSI wafertrack systems.